EMS Design Services

Complete Electronics ODM

DBG is an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), offering complete, turnkey design and engineering for consumer and industrial electronics.

With no debt or external financing, DBG can immediately and fully engage in your long-term electronics product development program.

Comprehensive EMS Design & Engineering Services: Electronic, Electro-Mechanical, Software & More!

Our senior R&D engineers are experts in the fields of quality assurance, software, electrical, industrial, mechanical, failure analysis, and telecommunications engineering.

In addition, we further leverage our design capacities and cost-effectiveness by partnering with trusted third-party design facilities and selected suppliers with advanced engineering capabilities.

  • How to leverage DBG’s ODM to fast-track your product launch.
  • 6 steps to turnkey product success.
  • In-house electronics prototyping and testing.
  • Acquire international safety certificates (e.g., CE Mark, FM Approved, CSA, UL, TÜV, ISO, etc.)
  • See more examples of our ODM Turnkey Electronics Design & Manufacturing.