Environmentally & Employee Friendly

Your Environmentally Responsible EMS

We are fully in compliance with RoHS and CE Reach (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) Environmental Standards.

Located in the heart of China’s electronics manufacturing region, we have developed an extensive network of RoHS- and CE Reach-qualified suppliers. All of our suppliers are regularly audited, including random audits.

And, we’re eager to show you how an eco-friendly Chinese EMS can fully participate in your Green Product Management Systems and GP Certification processes!

Environmental Management Systems Certified by TÜV

We use TÜV to as a third-party source to help us further refine the management of our Quality, Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy (QEHS) to the standards set by ISO 14001.

We welcome your scheduled and random site visits and audits at any of our locations in China!

Our Commitment To Our Employees

Our “best practices” discipline also extends to our labor relations and our commitment to our employees.

Our employees are highly valued by us for their technical skills and our shared commitment to unsurpassed quality in manufacturing (EMS).

DBG can only meet its vigorous Six Sigma quality disciplines with a highly trained and ambitious workforce.

By providing ongoing opportunities for self-enrichment, as well as quality assessments twice a year, we aim to keep our employees fully engaged and challenged, while recognizing their improvements and achievements, particularly with regard to certification in the Six Sigma Black and Green Belt programs.

DBG’s occupational health and safety management system is also certified by TÜV to OHSAS 18001.

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DBG's full compliance to OHSAS 18001 gives our workers peace of mind.
TUV-certified electronics manufacturing services

DBG has been making our customers' electronic products lead free since 2003
DBG has been making our customers' electronic products lead free since 2003