Fully Scalable Box-Build & Testing Of Your Electronic Products

Our 80 product assembly lines can handle up to 5,000,000 pieces per month, offering:

  • System Assembly
  • Complex Systems
  • Integration
  • Systems Testing
  • Inventory Management
  • partial or turnkey assembly of your electronic products
    One of our 80 assembly lines, being used here for the turnkey assembly of network gateways.
    box build of computers: tablet, laptop and desktop
    Tablet Computers
    complete assembly and testing of smart phones
    Smart Phones
    electronic devices such as usb modems, built to your specs
    USB Modems
    box assembly and testing of network gateway equipment
    Network Gateways
    complete assembly and testing of wireless terminals
    3G/4G Fixed Wireless Terminals/Stations
    manufacturing, assembling and testing of automotive electronics, including smart rear view mirrors
    Automotive Smart Rear-View Mirror
    contract manufacturing of digital photo frames
    3G/4G Digital Photo Frames
    ems and assembly of optical fiber network terminals
    Optical Fiber Network Terminals
    pcb manufacturing and assembly of wi-fi electronics devices
    Pocket Wi-Fi
    custom design, manufacture, assembly and testing of LED lights
    LED Lighting Modules
    contract ems, box-build and testing of automotive electronics
    Bluetooth-Enabled Devices, including Wireless Speakers
    contract ems, box-build and testing of automotive electronics
    Automotive On-Board Diagnostics (OBD)
    motherboards for color printers and other oem electronics
    System testing, done to your specifications.
    led module assembling, testing, and packaging
    LED module assembly line.